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Control Panel

Touch Panel Controller

PC (Touch Panel Controller) is screen and the all process inside kiln can be monitored practically by the help of display screen.While there is a possibility to operate manually on the control panel, also the information of each step on the automatic operation is signalled by the signal light. So, the whole system is operated under the control and safety. The touch screen located on the kiln control panel shows the whole kiln dryer system, also on the display screen the functions of; chosen process, controlling kiln dryer indication, connection situation, surface heat of wooden or lumber material, average moisture inside the kiln, lumber moisture rate, language selection, alarm, date and time are available.

You have the possibility of easy controlling for kiln dryer system because of the simple, logical but functional features of touch screen of control panel. FOR the moment, Turkish and English languages support is available.

Automation Panel
Inside Automation Panel
Full Automatic Timber Drying Kilns

About the Globalbeta Kiln Dryers’ PLC (Touch Panel Controller) and other technical features you may contact with our customer service at +90 (212) 698 03 23.