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Globalbeta Timber Drying Kilns, Heat Treatment and Automation Systems

Our company operates on the field of manufacturing timber drying kilns, heat treatment  (ISPM-15)-International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures – and all kinds of wooden material drying facility. The kilns that we manufacture and install have wooden material drying and heat treatment features. Delicate and homogeneous drying is executed by the help of our advanced system that we have realized the electronic design and software by using the latest technological opportunities on data processing. The whole systems of full automatic kiln dryers (electronic hardware, software etc.) are belong to our own company, therefore you may trust on us about spare parts and after sale services. Our company that pays attention on quality chooses all items on it’s products carefully.

Our company that accept the providing the competitve prices and truthful working as the basis, targets to continuous research and development without making concessions on it’s quality. We have porfessional business mind and together with you by all our energy and technical support before and after installation.

We can provide the kiln dryer to be heat insulated, durable and protected by corrosion by constructing them with aluminium and stainless materials. Also we can adopt the computerized control system to your reinforced concrete building by keeping in the forefront your ideas, thoughts, advices and expectations. Also our company is able to convert your current kiln dryers to full automatic by realizing the required revisions after a  technical inspection. We work to enhance the quality of your products.

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Wood Drying Kiln Programme

Automatic timber drying kilns system

Using the latest computer and software systems of kiln dryer’s automatic control system measures the ambient temperature on 4 spots (sensitively  ± 0,2 °C) and moisture (sensitively ±% 0,2) The special kiln dryer software which can be programmed by the operator according to the wooden kind has the language options in Turkish, English, Bulgarian and Russian.

Automatic Kiln Dryer

automatic timber drying kilns

You can minimize economical waste of time and work that have been faced on standart kiln dryers and heat treatment facilities by the help of latest technology kiln dryers. By our kiln dryers that has the automation system on kiln drying you may provide the homogenous drying in an ideal timing by choosing the wooden kind with a one buton and also you may simulate and follow each step of drying process on your computer.

Modernization Solutions


The manufacturing capacity and investment value of your facility will increase using the modernization process that made for giving more quality, affective and better cost products. With the scientific optimization studies that we realize for maximizing the efficiency on your old facility, we provide you the most efficient solution for you. You may realize higher capacity manufacturing with reduced time on your upgraded kiln dryer and also you may increase the value of your investment by controling manufacturing processes.